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Choose a domain name

Choose from a wide range of domain extensions like .com, .in, and many mores. If you already have a unique business name, select an extension to make it look more professional. There are a wide range of extensions that are available,,.in,.org, .net, .club, . info, and more. All the extensions are used for different purposes. is used by NGOs, and so on.

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Select a hosting plan

We provide the best hosting at the most affordable prices in the market. After selecting a domain name, select a hosting plan. As the domain registration provider, we provide the best hosting plan at affordable prices in the market.

Setup a website

Learn how to setup your business website from us or order a website development. You are half done after choosing a domain name and hosting plan. The final step is to set up a business website so that everyone can access. If you face any problems in setting up a website, the Ample Rack team is there to set up your business website with no hurdles.

Getting a domain name for a business means acquiring an identity to connect with customers easily. It will let people know how fantastic you and your products or services are. With Ample Rack, businesses get a chance to create a unique domain name that sounds simpler and more exciting. Take your businesses to new heights, and let’s serve you in this digital world. Ample Rack is the leading domain registrar in India that suggests innovative brand names to their creative clients and customers. 


DNS management

Easily manage your DNS records, website location, emails, sub-domains, aliases, FTP and more. In domain name system management, your domain name turns into an IP address, which makes it easier for the computers to communicate with each other over the internet.

Domain forwarding

Automatically forward people to any website you want on typing your domain name in a browser. No issue, if you have a website built on another platform, you can still redirect your visitors from one website to the other without any problem.

Domain Theft Protection

Lock your domain name so it isn’t transferred out accidentally or without your permission. Avoid your domain name from being copied or transferred automatically to someone else without your consent. By choosing Ample Rack domain registration services, your domain gets theft protection as well.