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Google Workspace

Google Workspace is one of the most popular platforms and is used worldwide by many business leaders. It is a platform that provides a productivity suite and helps a team connect with each other at any time of the day. Ample Rack is the leading Google Workspace provider, and we assure you that your work will never get laggy. Google Workspace apps allow you to work smarter. 

Starting at Rs.125/mo per Email ID

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    Join the 5 million 5 million businesses using Google Workspace.

    Make your business look professional, send professional emails from your domain (, and create a separate list for every department of your company, like With Google Workspace, you get access to all the productive applications, including Gmail, Docs, Drive, Hangout, Sheets, and Calendar. All of them are very simple to use and manage. 


    Send professional emails and increase your business reputation. Get up to 30GB of storage.

    Google Drive

    Now, store and share your files easily. Google Drive includes more advanced sharing permission features.


    Edit all the data easily on a spreadsheet. With Sheet, it becomes easier for everyone to report and share the same file when offline or online.


    Schedule a meeting with ease, and let Google remind you of all the tasks and the meeting that you set one day or one month earlier.

    google meet

    Google Meet

    Google Meet conducts meetings at any time of the day, and it helps businesses share goals and objectives on one common platform.

    google workspace


    Create and edit all the documents by adding rich images, tables, drawings, links, and many more. Enjoy the advantages of collaborating with others.


    Google Workspace secures all the files with the help of SSL, which avoids intrusions and hacking attacks. It has built-in virus protection, which guarantees 99% security.


    Create an attractive presentation, and you don’t need to save it again and again. Besides, collaborate on the same presentation at the same time on your web browser.

    Google Groups

    Stay connected with your co-workers over Google Groups and organize events, conferences, or meetings hassle-free.

    Why choose AmpleRack as your preferred partner for Google Worksapce




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    google workspace partner

    Ample Rack is one of the oldest and most reliable Google Workspace providers in India. We have worked with thousands of companies over the past eight years. Ample Rack’s mission is to make every business scalable and productive. We don’t want you to face any hurdles while deploying the Google Workspace productivity suite; therefore, we have a professional team that guides every business towards their success with Google Workspace. The Ample Rack team is here to provide full support. We don’t only assist you in deploying the Google Workspace; rather, we go beyond and assist businesses in doing their best by using the collaboration tools. As a Google Workspace reseller, we ensure you that it is not a complicated tool. 

    Choose your Google Workplace edition. Try it free for 30 days.

    Google Workplace Pricing & Plans

    Google Workspace pricing plans start from₹125 per user per month for Google Workplace Business Starter, ₹672 per user per month for Business Standard, and for Business Plus ₹1260 per user.

    Every plan includes

    google workspace partner

    Business Starter

    Formerly known as G Suite Basic - Professional office suite with 30GB storage

    ₹210 120
    • or ₹1420 per user per year plus tax.​
    Exclusive of 18% GST

    Business Standard

    Formerly G Suite Business - Enhanced office suite with 2 TB Cloud storage.

    ₹840 672
    • or ₹8040 per user per year plus tax.​
    Exclusive of 18% GST

    Business Plus

    Enhanced communication with 5 TB cloud storage and advanced capabilities​

    • or ₹15120 per user per year plus tax.​
    Exclusive of 18% GST


    Premium office suite with advanced controls & capabilities​

    Contact sales for pricing
    • or ₹15120 per user per year plus tax.​
    Exclusive of 18% GST

    Google Workplace Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus pricing plans are available for businesses with less than 300 employees.

    This  Google Workplace promotional pricing is available for only new customers for first 20 added users, for 12 months only. The promotional price for Google Workplace Business Starter pricing plan is valid until January 15, 2021 and the promotional price for Business Standard plan is valid until January 4, 2021.

    Why Google Worksapce by GOOGLE

    Google Workspace makes sure that all the co-workers stay connected with each other and that the team that works together achieves the goal faster. 

    30GB Storage

    The unique part of the Google cloud platform is that it provides users with 30 GB of storage. This shows how Google helps businesses better collaborate with each other.

    Mobile Device Management

    Enabling BYOD will not risk your data, as the Mobile Device Management feature available in Google Workspace will let you save the business data stored on employees' devices.

    Email @Yourcompany.Com

    Always send professional emails to, and develop mailing lists such as

    99.9% Uptime Guarantee

    Google Workspace guarantees that it will never make your business stop, so send as many emails as you want, and it will never go down.

    24/7 Live Support

    If you buy Google Workspace from Ample Rack, a Google Workspace provider, it will be beneficial for businesses as our team will be available to you whenever you need it.

    Admin Controls & Security

    Now, check the security as per your requirements. Add or remove users, set up groups, enable two-step verification, and manage everything on one platform.


    Being a premium reseller of G Suit & Microsoft, we offer the business email solutions at very low pricing with the additional advantage of managing all your web based services under one roof.

    We do not offer Money-Back Guarantee. However, we provide One month free trail.

    Yes, you can use the IMAP or POP mail protocol to configure on email clients.

    Different pricing will be applicable depending on the email service provider ( G Suite or Office 365 ) customer's country & the number of users. Below are the estimation of prices applicable for customers based on their country:

    • India - Rs. 150 per account per month
    • Southeast Asia and Egypt - Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand & Egypt - Rs. 175 per account per month
    • Rest of the world - Rs. 275 per account per month

    We will provide you great discounts ( Upto 30% ) if purchased for higher tenure and quantity.

    Yes, we will provide you free support depending on the issue.

    Yes, you can create mailing lists and add/delete users, select a moderator, restrict people from joining a list or even ban users from a list without any extra charges.

    We take a zero tolerance stance against sending of unsolicited e-mail, bulk emailing, and spam. "Safe lists", purchased lists, and selling of lists will be treated as spam.

    Google Workspace is a suite of online productivity and collaboration tools built to help you and your employees communicate and collaborate more effectively. Email, video meetings, documents and much more – access to them from anywhere, anytime, on any device. 24/7 support, enhanced security features and offline support from Amplerack.

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